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 Site Representatives: Roles & Responsibilities

Union membership is a right AND responsibility. The membership holds the ultimate authority for policy-making decisions in all chapters. Each member is responsible to: 

  •  Pay attention-BE INVOLVED!

  •  Know your contract

  •  Communicate with your Site Rep


Our union is 220 + members strong! In larger chapters, policy-making authority is delegated to an elected policy body designated as the “Representative Council,” which meets regularly throughout the year. Your site/faculty representatives are your voice in the Executive Board. Make sure you communicate regularly with them to ask questions, voice concerns, and stay informed.

Site Representative Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Attends Representative Council and General Membership meetings 

  • Participates in meetings and activities in support of association programs 

  • Discusses important issues and shares the views and input of the bargaining unit members at their site with the Representative Council and/or Executive Board 

  • Serves as the official channel through which communication and publications can be easily transmitted between the association and Site Representatives for distribution to bargaining unit members 

  • Serves as an advocate for the bargaining unit members at their site, including assisting with filing grievances and in disciplinary meetings with management 

  • Conducts regular site elections and polls of the membership 

  • Conducts regular meetings to share information to bargaining unit members and to encourage participation in association programs 

  • Maintains association bulletin board at school site 

  • Recruits new members and new leaders 

  • Educates bargaining unit members about their rights 

  • Knows contract/policies/regulations and identifies potential grievances 

  • Knows the grievance procedure of the Contract 

  • Investigates possible grievances, files lower level grievance claims and stays in contact with the Grievance Committee 

  • Represents and provides guidance to unit members in grievance processing at Level I 

  • Observes timelines in processing grievances 

  • Starts grievance file and documentation 

  • Maintains direct contact with members of the Bargaining Team, Grievance Committee, Membership Committee and Organizing Team 

  • Creates, maintains, and initiates association member communication systems, including personal e-mails and phone trees 

  • Uses a “buddy system” to pair up new and “veteran” staff to support one another 

  • Knows who to call for assistance within the association 

  • Contacts new bargaining unit members at the beginning of the school year 

  • Educates unit members about the benefits of belonging to the association 

  • Maintains site unit member contact information and relays that information to Membership Committee Chair 

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