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Negotiations: Roles & Responsibilities

A. The duties of the Bargaining Team are to represent and to bargain for all bargaining unit members.

B. The President shall appoint all members, alternates, and the chairperson of the Bargaining Team with the concurrence of the

     Executive Board.

C. Vacancies created by resignation or inability to serve shall be filled by the Executive Board from the list of alternates.

D. The Executive Board, by two-thirds (2/3) vote, may remove a member of the Bargaining Team.

E. Responsibility and authority for directing the bargaining process on behalf of the Association are vested in the Executive Board

     subject to policies established by the Representative Council.

F. Employees in each appropriate bargaining unit shall be surveyed to determine contents of the proposed contract demands. The

    Representative Council shall approve the contract articles to be bargained.

G. The Bargaining Team shall report its activities to the Executive Board as the Board requires.

H. The Executive Board shall provide for the dissemination of information regarding bargaining and the activities of the Bargaining Team

     to the general membership.

I. The Bargaining Team is empowered to reach tentative agreements with the district. Such agreements shall be considered tentative and

    not binding upon the Association until such agreements have been ratified by the membership in the appropriate unit(s) unless such

    ratification shall have been specifically waived or otherwise delegated by that active membership.

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